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Why you need to use Actos

You may need to be using Actos if you have type 2 diabetes. You need to keep in mind that Actos is not likely to work for type 1 diabetes, and this is why you are not expected to take it for this condition. There are cases when Actos may be used in combination with other drugs, but never for type 1 diabetes. Patients with severe heart failure, diabetic ketoacidosis or a history of an allergic reaction to this medicine must not start the treatment, as they will not benefit from it.

Am I supposed to talk to my health care provider before taking Actos?

You are always supposed to discuss your treatment with a qualified healthcare professional to make sure you get all the benefits of using Actos as prescribed. Make sure you talk to your doctor about any medical problems that can require an adjustment of your dose, such as fluid retention, a history of heart attack, a history of stroke, congestive heart failure, liver disease or heart disease. In some cases, your doctor will order additional tests to make sure you enjoy the treatment and are likely to benefit from it without developing any reactions. Reporting any other conditions you have may be just as important.

Taking Actos

Make sure you always take the right dose of Actos, just the way your health care provider prescribed. Your dose of Actos may need to be changed from time to time for you to get the most out of your treatment. The usual routine of Actos treatment involves taking this medicine once daily, with some food or without. Taking Actos may be just a part of a more comprehensive program that involves using this medicine exactly as prescribed and following a diet an exercise routine your doctor suggested.

Are drug interactions with Actos possible?

There are quite a few medications likely to interact with Actos, and you will have to be aware of that, talking to your doctor about such medications as midazolam, rifampin, bosentan, insulin, trimethoprim, morphine, tolbutamide, heart or blood pressure medications, delavirdine, fluconazole, digoxin, cimetidine, blood thinners, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, seizure medications, other oral diabetes medications, gemfibrozil, probenecid, sulfa drugs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in advance.

How Actos affects pregnancy

Actos is not supposed to be used by pregnant women, as there is not enough information on whether it will harm the unborn child of such a woman. You will have to make sure you always discuss the fact of being pregnant or breastfeeding with your doctor before starting to use Actos.

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