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Is generic Femara as good as brand Femara?

Generic Femara contains the same active ingredient as brand name Femara. The ingredient is letrozole, and it's the one responsible for preventing the growth of cancer by stripping it of the estrogen it needs to grow. Since the active ingredient is the same, the medicine has exactly the same benefits for the patient taking it. However, generic Femara may look slightly different. That has to do with other inactive ingredients used, which give the tablet of Femara its color and shape. In general, Femara can be made by different manufacturers, but as long as the active ingredient is the same, this drug is just as efficient.

What is Femara for?

Femara is a brand name for letrozole – a medicine used for the treatment of cancer in post-menopausal women. The effects of letrozole are based on affecting the process of estrogen production in the body. That way, the cancer cells are starved and deprived of the amount of estrogen they need to grow. This leads to preventing the development of cancer. Femara should not be used by women that did not have their menopause yet, or those allergic to the active ingredient. Otherwise, unpleasant and serious health consequences are possible.

Talking to your doctor before the treatment

Before the treatment can be started, it's highly recommended to talk to your health care provider about your needs and particular medical issues. It's important that you report to your doctor any health problems you have that may interfere with Femara treatment. You will need to report any of the following: liver problems, high cholesterol, undergoing hormone replacement therapy, being allergic to certain substances, taking herbal preparation or other treatments of the kind, or any other things that you think are important to mention when discussing your treatment with the doctor.

How is Femara taken?

Femara must be taken regularly for best effects. You are supposed to take this medicine once daily with some food or without. It's best to take each dose with a full glass of water. Avoid taking Femara with other beverages, especially those containing alcohol. Talk to your doctor about any dietary requirements you will need to observe to benefit more from taking this drug.

Femara and pregnancy

This drug is FDA pregnancy category D. Femara can cause harm to an unborn baby if taken by a pregnant woman during any trimester of pregnancy. If you get pregnant in the course of the treatment, make sure you notify your health care provider right away. It's highly recommended to use an effective form of birth control throughout the treatment, even though Femara is usually prescribed to women past their menopause.

Additional information

Your doctor may need to perform lab tests during the treatment, such as cholesterol level test or bone density test. It's very important that you show up for those appointments. If you think Femara is not working properly for you, talk to your doctor but do not attempt to change the dose yourself. Make sure you never share Femara with other people, even if you are convinced they can benefit from this medicine. Every person may have a number of contraindications, which is likely to make the treatment unsafe for them.

Missed dose of Femara

If you happen to miss a dose of Femara, it's best to take it as soon as you remember. However, if the next dose is to be taken soon, it's best to avoid taking the one you missed. Two doses taken too closely in time together are not going to help you benefit from the treatment more. Try to avoid missing doses, as that may affect the success of your treatment.

An overdose of Femara

The symptoms of Femara overdose are not known and may be different in different people. If you suspect an overdose and develop any strange symptoms, it's best to report them all to your local emergency center.

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