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How to buy Cephalexin (Keftab) with no prescription required?
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What is Cephalexin (Keftab) used for?

Keftab (active ingredient Cephalexin) is usedfor the treatment of bacterial infections, such as urinary tract infections,skin infections, upper respiratory infections or ear infections. There may beother conditions for which Cephalexin may work, but you will have to make sure youalways discuss it with qualified healthcare professional. Keftab works for thepatient by interfering with the way bacteria's cell wall is formed. That wayCephalexin kills the bacteria. Make sure you never take Keftab if you areallergic to any antibiotics that are similar in action, as the same reaction islikely to occur all over again.


Before Cephalexin (Keftab) can be started

Before you start taking Cephalexin regularlyand just as prescribed by your health care provider, you will have to let yourdoctor know if there are any medical conditions that may affect your successfultreatment. You will need to inform your health care provider of the followingones: liver disease, stomach disorder, being malnourished, kidney disease,intestinal disorder or diabetes. Those conditions may require a dose adjustmentor some other changes your doctor will have to think about.


Important information about using Cephalexin(Keftab)

It's very important that you take the exactdose of Keftab your doctor prescribed. Take your regular dose of Cephalexinwith a full glass of water. If you have to be taking a different form ofCephalexin, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about how you are expected totake it for the medicine to be efficient and work for you. It's common for the symptomsto get better, while your problem has not been treated still. Make sure youcarry on with Keftab treatment for as long as your doctor prescribed, even ifyou feel much better.


Does Cephalexin (Keftab) cause druginteractions?

Cephalexin may cause interactions with a fewdrugs you are using, such as probenecid, blood thinners or metformin. There maybe some other medications Cephalexin may interact with, but the ones mentionedcause most serious reactions unless the doses are previously adjusted. If thereare other drugs you think your doctor needs to know about before prescribingCephalexin, make sure you let him know about those as well.


Missing Cephalexin (Keftab) dose

If you happened to miss your dose of Keftab, takeit right away or skip it in case you need to take another one soon. Try to avoidmissing does, as your treatment may be affected that way.

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