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Why do some people take Famvir?

Some people need to be using Famvir for thetreatment of herpes infection in their body. Famvir is not a cure for herpes, ratherthan a treatment that can help the patient get the infection under control andmake sure its spread is prevented. It will also help the patient relieve the symptomsof the infraction that are particularly bothersome. Your doctor will prescribeFamvir for treating cold sores, genital herpes, shingles or chicken pox.

Talking to your doctor about Famvir

You will have to discuss all the aspects ofyour treatment with Famvir before you start it. Your doctor will need to knowif you are using any other drugs or have medical conditions that may affect thesuccess of your treatment with Famvir in any way. You will have to inform your healthcare provider of the following medical issues you have: severe lactasedeficiency, kidney disease, galactose intolerance or glucose-galactosemalabsorption. Make sure you mention any other ones you also think areimportant, as those are not all the conditions that may potentially interactwith Famvir.

Treatment with Famvir

You will have to take Famvir regularly and justthe way your doctor prescribed, for the entire period of your treatment. Keepin mind that the fact you are using Famvir does not mean you will not pass yourinfection to the sex partner. Therefore, using a condom is very important. It'scrucial for Famvir to work properly to start your treatment with the appearanceof the very first signs, such as tingling and burning under the skin, as wellas the appearance of tiny blisters. While using Famvir, make sure you drinkplenty of water for your kidneys to work well.

Can Famvir be used with other drugs?

Famvir is known to interact with probenecid.You will have to let your doctor know if you are using probenecid or any othermedications, no matter if you purchased them over the counter or with aprescription. This will help your doctor adjust the doses timely and make sureno interactions of any kind are likely to occur.

Is Famvir possible to take during pregnancy?

You can take Famvir during pregnancy. In fact,it's very important to treat herpes infection before the baby is born, asotherwise there is a chance the infection will be passed to your child. You stillhave to let your doctor know if you are pregnant before you start taking Famvirand discuss all the aspects of your treatment with this medicine. Do not breastfeedwhile using Famvir, as there is not enough information on the effects Famvirmay have on the nursing infant.

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