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What is Acomplia taken for?

Acomplia is a medicine taken for the treatment of obesity. It's often combined with a healthier diet and regular exercise for the patient to benefit the most. Obese patients with type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol levels are likely to benefit from the treatment the most. However, they will benefit from using Acomplia only if they follow the treatment routine outlined by their health care provider, as taking Acomplia alone will not produce the result desired.

How Acomplia works

Acomplia works by blocking specific receptors in the brain responsible for the feline of hunger. That way, the patient can eat less food without having to fight the food cravings all the time, and that way can lose weight efficiently and maintain the progress achieved.

Before you begin the treatment with Acomplia

Make sure you let your doctor know if there are any medical conditions or problem you would like to share. Although Acomplia is considered a safe treatment for most patients, there may be medical conditions your doctor needs to know about because they are likely to affect your treatment unless the dose is timely and properly adjusted. You will have to be sure to mention any chronic conditions you have, as those are most likely to be a problem.

How to take your dose of Acomplia

Take every dose of Acomplia exactly as directed, drinking a full glass of water. Keep in mind that keeping to a diet your doctor prescribed an exercising daily are all very important parts of your treatment with Acomplia. You will not be able to achieve an impressive result unless you modify your eating habits and the way you exercise.

Can Acomplia be combined with other treatments?

There is no data on any other medications that may affect Acomplia, but this does not mean no interactions are likely to occur. You will have to discus your treatment with a qualified healthcare professional and report any prescription or over-the-counter medications you are taking to see if any of them are going to cause interactions. It may be especially dangerous to use any other diet pills along with Acomplia.

Missed dose of Acomplia

If you happened to miss your regular dose of Acomplia, you can take it right away with a glass of water and then carry on with the treatment. However, it's best to skip Acomplia dose missed if you are supposed to take the next one soon. Taking two doses of Acomplia too closely in time will not help you lose more weight and can cause symptoms of overdose.

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